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tv   News Ch8 Today at 5AM  NBC  October 24, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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fighting for battleground florida. the candidates crisscross across our state in the final weeks of the campaign. donald trump rallying in tamp today and the -- in tampa report. pressing for answers. bay area leaders questioning the sewage spill after hurricane matthew. could it have been avoided? and how much will it cost the city of st. pete. also, an 8 on your side alert for new parent. the new sleeping guidelines, plus the most dangerous places for your baby to sleep. well, good morning and welcome to news channel 8 today. i'm gayle guyardo. >> and i'm melanie michael in for gene ramirez. it is monday morning after a gorgeous weekend.
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>> i mean, if you're going to step outside, go for the morning jog, walk the dog, max defender 8 is giving you the a- okay as we use our million watts of power. showing you there's obviously no rain. 46 in crystal river. that's cool. but we're all warmer than yesterday. 56 auburndale. 61 in fish hawk. brooksville, you're nine degrees warmer right now than yesterday at this lakeland. four degrees in bradenton. and temperatures warmer than yesterday, still below average the. the average for today is 83. i'm expecting 81. the average for tonight is 66. i'm expecting 63. so we will go more specifically hour-by-hour through the day at 5:08 in weather and traffic on the 8s but going to give you a check on traffic right now. yeah, a couple issues this morning. most of them have cleared up, including the construction on the sunshine skyway bridge. but eastbound on the selmon expressway, just got off the phone with fhp.
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but they're in the process of clearing it up. so there's one look here. now they moved the camera around and i did see activity but it was leaving. and then also as we move back over here, you can still see activity on the lower level to the ramp up there to the higher level. but that's clearing as well. so this should all be completely open. and you can still get by but nonetheless, a little bit of activity left out there. that's a look at weather and traffic. and now back to gayle and melanie. >> on the campaign trail, donald trump has a busy week in florida. a crucial battleground state. he spoke in naples last night and today he is on to st. augustine and tampa. >> it's an all out push just 15 days until election day. and news channel 8's ryan hughes is live at the mid florida credit union amphitheater. thousands expected to show up. tell us about it. >> reporter: melanie, gayle,
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packed when donald trump takes the stage around 7:00 tonight. there are roughly two weeks until election day and donald trump and hillary clinton are making a huge push here in florida. now this was the scene in naples last night. more than 3,000 people attended a trump for president rally at the county fairgrounds. trump talked about issues including congressional term limit, a federal employee hiring freeze and putting an end to illegal immigration. and he told the crowd he plans to sue those women who came sexual assault and misconduct. he also spoke about the military. listen here. >> if you elect me along with a republican house and senate, we will also immediately repeal the obama clinton defense sequester and rebuild our badly depleted military. >> reporter: now some recent polls show that hillary clinton is up by at least 10 points nationwide. donald trump is expected to
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at 7:00 tonight. melanie, the doors open at 4:00. back to you. >> busy day ahead. ryan hughes live this morning. thank you. democrats are also crisscrossing our state. vice president nominee tim kaine will attend rallies in miami and palm beach today. hillary rodham clinton will be in florida tomorrow for a rally coconut creek. she will then travel to hillsborough county for an event on wednesday. during a rally in charlotte, north carolina, hillary clinton called donald trump a soar his threat to reject election result. and while talking about her plans if elected president, she took another jab at trump. >> i understand some people are angry. but actor is not a plan. right? >> hillary clinton has a lot of work to do in north carolina. early voting began there this morning. right now, more republicans are turning out. election officials are saying voting rates are down from 2012 so far in nearly all of the
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leading democrats on one front, mail-ballots. republicans have already cast 2% more absentee ballots than democrats here in the state. in 2012, republicans cast 3% more by absentee mail-in voting. results so far, show similar results for this election. for everything you need to know, if you want to brush up on the stuff you may have missed in the past, we have your election day 2016 guide. you can head to our website at wfla.c politics tab. and you will find your complete guide, all the answers to the questions you have. happening today, millions of gallons of stinky waste water was dumped into tampa bay following this season's hurricanes and this morning city leaders want answers. news channel 8's mary mcguire is now live in st. pete. and mary, this problem with details in a report that warned about this potential problem. >> reporter: that's right.
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here in st. pete this summer after hurricane -- after the hurricane. it said that plants were equipped to hand it will volume of water after the shut down of the albert plant. millions of gal land -- of gallons was released into the bay. the report warned of sewage spills if the treatment plant was closed. and during the hurricane, hundreds we don't know the price of the sewage bills but the city estimates it will take millions just to put albert back online again. >> i think he had a lot of courage for speaking out and he was right. and now we're going to re-open albert. we are working on that and i think that will solve the problem. >> reporter: now the head of the city's northwest water treatment plant who revealed all of this has now filed for
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the big mess. the mayor did call for the morning's special meeting to get to the bottom of the sewage scandal. things should get underway here in st. petersburg at 8:30 this morning. a lot of residents have questions about what lead up to this. >> that pristine bay water, so beautiful sad to know that it could have been prevented. thank you, mary. right now, fhp is investigating two deadly crashes. the first one happened just fo deck of the lee roy selmon expressway. we are told one person die thed in this accident. investigators shut down -- died in this accident. investigators shut down eastbound lanes for several hours. and the second was on the tampa side of the gandy bridge. a motorcycle and vehicle collided in the eastbound lanes. sadly, you can see the debris still left in the roadway as the investigation continues. the motorcyclist died in this accident. we are making calls and getting more information on both of the crashes and as soon as we get
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just a few seconds. leslee, tell us about this. >> i'll tell you what, we have some good news, there's never good news with fatal accidents but as far as the commute, both of the accidents have cleared. and this is the gandy. it cleared earlier. right now, the selmon expressway. and i just got off the phone with fhp and watched it on the camera, cleared from lanes. it was affecting the upper deck and a little on the lower deck falkenburg and traffic looks good on the gandy as well. that's where that was located earlier. and palm palm harbor now, u.s. 19 up to speed, about a 12 minute commute to tampa road. and on u.s. 41 through land o'lakes, red lights but a great drive there. no delays. in and out of pasco county on i- 75 looks good as well. what about the weather? couldn't look better. we have crisp, clear skies. hour-by-hour, just pick an
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fast warm-up to 71 by 11:00. 79 at 2:00. 81 at 4:00 p.m. no rain. barely even a cloud. this is just pleasant late october weather. basically what we expect. now there will be a slow warm- up and a slow increase in humidity but i mean, only a slim rain chance or two late in the week. nothing today, tomorrow and wednesday. only 10% on thursday. melanie and gayle, back to you. >> thank you so much. friends and family of a tow by a drunk driver almost two weeks ago held an event this weekend in his memory. more than 50 drivers joined the family during a procession on sunday. he was a driver with sun point towing and was on i-75 when he was hit and killed. his coworkers are hoping that something can be done about the move over law before someone else is hurt. >> wasn't nice. you know, it's a shame that we get up and go on calls and we
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home to our families or not. because of drunk drivers. >> 44-year-old gregory miller of lakewood ranch faces dui charges. he is being held in the hillsborough county jail with no bond. a fiery weekend crash on the veterans expressway claimed the lives of two people. a 54-year-old is accused of speeding and hitting another vehicle from behind saturday morning. the impact caused one car to burst into flames. two people year-old and his passenger. the driver survived and is at tampa general hospital this morning with serious injuries. he is facing dui and vehicular homicide charges. this morning a largo and have his friend are facing -- largo firefighter and his friend are facing charges for crashing a private wedding and then resisting arrest. they are accused of walking into a wedding on broadway
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he pushed guests and raised his firsts, threaten the bride according to documents. both men bonded out of jail sunday morning. all right, bucs fans are celebrating a big victory. >> good way to wake up on monday. >> yeah. >> highlights of sunday's game against the 49ers just ahead. and the life safing benefits of green tea. the new research being done here in the bay area to reduce the risk of prostate medical alert for new parent. the new sleep guidelines from the american academy of pediatrics next. you're watching news channel 8
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report, we know that new parents are tired. >> but that fatigue can have serious consequences for their newborn. and this morning, there are new guidelines for keeping sleeping babies safer. news channel 8's meredyth censullo joining us with the story. i know the guidelines are important, especially for moms and dads lacking sleep. >> reporter: oh, yeah, and these policy changes address sudden infant death syndrome.
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isids and other sleep related deaths. it -- present sids and other sleeping related deaths. never let your baby sleep on sofas. now the importance of room sharing is being addressed. aap recommends baby sleep in a crib or basinet in the parent's bedroom for at leas six months. and up to age one. and also the only thing that should be in baby's bed is the baby. and for the very first time, the safe infant sleep guidelines include recommendations for skin to skin contact just after birth. >> the skin to skin helps encourage breast feeding and breast feeding is protected against sleep related death. >> reporter: and after mom and baby get into a good breast
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recommend giving babies pass fires while they -- pacifiers. they have been shown to reduce the risk for sleep related deaths. the precautions are worth the effort. about 3500 babies die during their sleep every year in the u.s. a sad reminder that we can still do better when it comes to protecting babies. and there were some benefits coming out of this when the aap released the guidelines in but now we have plateaued. so that's why they say, we need to revamp this. >> and important things to think about. but looking at the video, you quickly forget that they used to keep you up at night. >> hey, this little cutie pie -- >> yeah, so cute. >> thank you. green tea is an increasingly popular drink for health reasons as much as taste. a university of tampa professor is studying how green tea can
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doing that with the help of students committed to fighting cancer. >> my mom had breast cancer. she luckily -- they caught it early enough. >> reporter: this university of tampa senior knows too well the importance of cancer detection, prevention and early treatment. his mom survived her fight with cancer, his grandma did not. it's the driving force behind his chosen field of study. >> as soon as i heard that the doctor was doing research on cancer, i immediately reached out to try several current and former university of tampa students working with the professor, studying the cancer-fighting properties of green tea. they help by growing prostate cancer cells like these and then treat them with a greentree extract. >> the extract, when they treat mice or human beings with it ; it reduces the cancer risk and burden of the prostate tumors.
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why, closely looking at how the green tea extract interacts with the cancer cells. it could lead to advances in methods. the doctor is a big believer in green tea. in fact, he doesn't just study it, he drinks it too. and as they see the work develop, research results pending, his students are becoming green tea fans. >> did open my eyes to green tea being a work to do but they'll be presenting their research in april. reporting at the university of tampa, i'm gene ramirez, news channel 8. and now at 5:18, time for weather and traffic on the 8s. time to let you know about just how beautiful your monday is going to be. if you need a reason to get outside and get a little extra pep in the step, max defender 8 is proving to you that there's no rainfall to help add some dreariness to your monday.
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comfortable, yes, cool this morning but a fast warm-up. 74 at noon. 81 degrees at 4:00 p.m. you might see a passing cloud by the afternoon. that's about it. like i said, a little cool. lakeland, 59. 45 in inverness. 57 in way ma massachusetts a refreshing start for sure. just not as chilly as it was yesterday. yesterday was down right cold for us. and throughout the day, light breeze, clear skies. high pressure with the clockwise winds will continue to push farther and farther east. and gradually increase the humidity and the temperatures off the atlantic ocean. but i mean, it's gradual. mid-80s by the later part of the week. and only 10 to 20% rain chances. leslee lacey, how about traffic on the 8s. well, remember the construction i showed you on the northbound side of the sunshine skyway bridge. and then it cleared up. i saw it clear up. but guess what? they turned the camera around to the southbound side and we have construction here. and it's tying up the right lanes. so you can still get by.
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and that should clear up by 6:00 a.m. again, the right lane taken away there on the southbound side of our sunshine skyway bridge. that's a look at weather and traffic. and now back to gayle and melanie. >> all right. thank you. in sport there, is a lot of celebrating to do this morning. first, you're waking up to the big news, the bucs beat the san francisco 49ers. jameis winston threw three touchdown passes and take a look at this. rogers ran for 1354-yards to he 34-17. the bucs are now 3-3. next sunday, we host the oakland raiders at ray jay stadium. that game is at 1:00 p.m. what a great game that was. my husband was so excited. >> it's a great way to wake up on a monday morning celebrating the big win. >> yep. halloween is just around the corner. we will show you the most popular treats here in florida. >> hopefully some in the newsroom soon. >> yeah. plus, holiday shopping.
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why experts believe it will be a record-breaking season. it is monday morning. this is news channel 8 today. port tampa bay has now become florida's largest and most diversified. which helps explain why it is one of dana young's
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continue that success, by attracting high waged jobs for families who need them and fighting a bureaucracy that too often gets in the way. dana young for the florida senate.
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in this morning's consumer watch, we are -- wait for it, 62 days away from christmas. >> no. >> yes, believe it or not, many people say they are done shopping. including leigh spann, i'm
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record breaking sales this season. according to surveys by, at least a million shoppers say they are finished with the holiday list. and the survey found more people are shopping online than going to the mall for big ticket items. >> those include computers and tvs. you're going to see deals anywhere between 38 and 40% off. so i always recommend waiting if you're looking to make a big ticket purchase like that. >> till when? experts predict sales to be between 17 to 19% higher than last season. clothes and home decor items are the most sold right now online. >> how is that possible? i haven't even bought halloween candy. no way i'm prepared for christmas right now. well, halloween is just eight days away. >> and if you are stocking up on candy like we are going to do around here, you may want to consider buying crunch bars and here's why. according to a new survey, the
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for trick-or-treaters here in state of florida. candy corn is the most popular in most states. and the candy pulling the highest total number of votes, was, wait for it, reese peanut butter cups. weather and traffic on
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okay, it's 5:28. sending the kids to the bus stop this morning, they might need a light jacket or long sleeves, but pleasant and 61 degrees. and send them outside when they come home from school. lots of sunshine, 81. that's below the average of 38. and we slowly climb to 83 tomorrow and 85 wednesday and thursday. how about traffic on the 8s? shaky camera but you can see the blinking arrow on the sunshine skyway bridge. this is southbound.
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just keep that in mind. but you can get by just fine. and meanwhile, only about six minutes across the water, maybe 10 between the toll plazas. tampa bay is amazing. i work here, i raise my kids here, i even take care of my mom here. but you know what? i could use a hand. hey! we hear you! it's why a-a-r-p is supporting family caregivers like you with free tools and resources. and we're making our community an even better place to live, work and play for people of all ages.
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en you don't know "aarp." get to know us at just two weeks and counting until election day and the presidential candidates are turning their focus on florida. when and where donald trump and hillary clinton will campaign for votes in the bay area. until november 8 together cast your ballot. early voting gets underway in the bay area today. 8 is on your side with what you need to know to cast your vote. plus, a rapper is set to go before a judge. not to show off his music skills. why he is on trail for what he did during a concert in lakeland. good morning. welcome to news channel 8 today. i'm gayle guyardo. >> and i gene ramirez is off today. i'm melanie michael. let's get started with leigh


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